Harriet Davis Trust Conditions of Booking
  1. Booking Procedure.
    The Trust does not allow bookings to be made from year to year, but contacts all the families known to it in October each year. Attempts are then made to meet the demand. This is very difficult especially during the school holiday periods. Families not tied to these periods are encouraged to apply for other dates. Bookings are usually for one week's duration only.
    Booking are made on the understanding that the house will be made available at the disposal of the families on the dates stated on the Booking Form. If this is not possible through circumstances not under the control of the Trust (e.g. fire theft damage etc.) all fees will be refunded and the hirers will have no claim against the Trust.
  2. Payment.
    A non-returnable deposit of 20% is required at the time of booking and the balance becomes due 1 month prior to the commencement of the holiday
  3. Who can use the houses?
    The houses are normally only available to families with disabled children under 21 years of age. However the Trust is permitted to allow use by adult disabled and their carers when the houses are not booked by families with disabled children, this is usually outside of the school holiday periods.
  4. Availability.
    The houses are available for use the whole year round. Harriet's House and Giltar View are available from 2pm on Saturday until 10am the following Saturday. The Wheelabout and Caerwen are available from 3pm. These times must be adhered to allow the house to be prepared for the next family.
  5. Arriving at the houses.
    Families should make every effort to arrive at the time the house becomes available, as they will be met by one of the Trust's Housekeepers will who explain what equipment is available. If arrival at the times stated is not possible for any reason families should advise the Housekeeper as soon as possible as he/she will be waiting in the house for them and there is no other way for the family to have access.
  6. Cancellation.
    The Trust is unable to arrange Holiday Cancellation Insurance; families are therefore requested to contact the Trust as soon as it becomes apparent that a cancellation will be necessary. In the event of an unavoidable cancellation the hiring fee, less the deposit, will be refunded. Letting fees are kept to an absolute minimum but this policy depends on maximum use of the houses and an early cancellation often enables the house to be relet.
  7. Maximum Numbers Permitted to use each House.
    Harriet's House 7
    Giltar View 8
    The Wheelabout 10
    Caerwen 6
    Plus a baby in each case. In the event of these numbers being exceeded the Trust reserves the right to cancel the booking.
    Only those named on the Booking Form should be staying in the house.
  8. Pets and Smoking.
    No pets of any kind are allowed in the houses at any time.
    Smoking is not allowed in any of the houses.
  9. Swimming Pool at The Wheelabout.
    The rules for the use of the pool must be adhered to at all times. These are prominently displayed in several places and are: -
    1. When not in use all doors to the poolroom must be kept locked at all times.
    2. Children using the pool must be supervised the whole time.
    3. No one, adult or child, may use the pool alone.
    Also the pool cover should be in place when the pool is not in use.
  10. Caerwen.
    Caerwen has been provided as a holiday house for families with children with autism and other learning disabilities. The Trust believes that a safe, secure and low stimulus environment has been created but cannot guarantee that it will be suitable for all children and its use is entirely the responsibility of the families who use it.
  11. Rubbish.
    All rubbish should be put out for collection at the times displayed in the houses. Incontinence aids should be double bagged. There is an Amenity Site at The Salterns on the way out of Tenby.
  12. Breakages.
    Any breakages should be reported and paid for. Should any of the domestic or special equipment be faulty in any way this must be reported to the Housekeepers promptly so that repairs can be effected for the next family.
  13. Use of the Premises.
    Charitable grants and donations and fund raising on the part of the Trustees have provided the houses, and everything in them. Please use what has been provided with care and leave the house as you found it. The Trust cannot be held responsible for any accident, loss or damage, which may be sustained, by any hirer, member of his/her party or their property however caused.
  14. Complaints.
    Complaints not reported to the Trust or to the Housekeepers before leaving the premises at the end of the hiring and subsequently confirmed to the Trust by letter cannot be entertained.
  15. Everyone using the special equipment or any other equipment available and the swimming pool is entirely responsible for its safe and proper use so should be competent to use it properly and safely before doing so.
  16. The Trustees reserve the right to refuse future bookings to anyone who has not adhered to these conditions in any way.